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Driving Piles

We have to keep in mind that the requirements for installing solar panel systems vary greatly depending on the needs and locations of solar panel components that are unique to the project we are installing. We have a dedicated team who takes pride in what they do. Our pile drivers have more than 6 yrs of experience in the solar industry. We have the ability to operate PD-10 with GPS, laser, or string lines. We continue to grow as a team by learning different aspects of the solar industry. There's no obstacle is too big for us.

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Racking System

Our Team is excellent at installing several types of racking systems. We've worked with Nextraker and Nevada's racking system. Measure and mark a layout for the system on your ground. Install the metal racking system, following manufacturer instructions. To have a successful racking, there are several factors that need to be met.

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Install Panels

Installing a solar panel is a complex, time-consuming task. It's a crucial system that has to be installed by a specialized solar company from start to finish. Our expertise extends beyond many companies in the solar industry. We helped companies such as Sunshine Solar, A to Z Solar Contractors, and Primoris succeed in their renewable energy journey. We stand behind our work, and that's why we are the best at what we do.

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Piles Remediation

We start quality checks from the time we drive our first in the ground. We make sure every row, tracker, and block are aligned and within the reveal height and tolerance. Pile remediation is no easy task, but it's feasible. The process of having a successful remediation is time-consuming.

We identify five major factors that can affect a pile in a row, and they have to be corrected before moving to racking. These major factors are twisted piles, leaned piles, revealed height (tolerance), and out-of-line. We take extreme measures to fix them just to name a few: push, cut/weld, tap down, dig up, and pull test. These problems occur for several reasons: soll type, machine calibration, or weather conditions. By maintaining these issues, we set the stage for a flawless racking.

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Wire Management

Our job is to eliminate the frustration that comes with electrical wire components. Wire management is the practice of properly routing and securing the system's wires and cables. We pay close attention to every detail when it comes to solar panel wires so they don't be at the mercy of the environment.

Several reasons make us prioritize wire management for the longevity of the photovoltaic system. These reasons are heat waves, climate, weather conditions, and other factors that can easily damage wires that are not properly secured, which can lead to system downtime and costly repairs. We perform a quality check to prevent solar panel systems from failing, causing unnecessary service calls and thousands of dollars in repair costs. Without laying out the most efficient solar cable management plan, all seems impossible.

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Company Vision

Our goal is to work tirelessly to build a long-lasting relationship and empower the next-generation, eco-friendly business based on quality, consistency, credibility, and service to our clients. Our true vision is the diamond standard.

Founder: Bird Mervilus & Rodrigue Joseph

Co-Founder: Son Spensor Oge